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    Willed Calendar is a innovative and useful app for managing your time and tasks.She will emancipate you from the hard work of time and task management.

    Quick record time

    If you want to improve the efficiency of time, if you feel troublesome to keep track of time, please let the Willed Calendar help you.

    Using the default activity , with a simply tap, you can create a new event on calendar.With Intelligent time analysis, events time can be idiomatically connected, Willed Calendar can even calculate the time you get up tomorrow.

    You can save a day's schedule to the Event Plan.By this feature,With a simply tap, you can create one day's schedule quickly.You can also share the schedule to your friends.

    efficient task manager

    If your tasks are complex, if you need to have a clear mind of the tasks progress, please let the Willed Calendar help you.

    Willed calendar not only support the GTD methods, but also can make the complex task plan with a simple operation by the Task Plan feature.

    In the Task Plan, you can not only create repetitive tasks, but also can set the numerical target.By comparing the plan and actual schedule, you can see a clear task progress.If the plan changes, the Task Plan can automatically adjust all the task time in your project.


    Kinds of chart

    Your time and task will be display by many kinds of charts for time trend analysis and time distribution analysis. So that you can see where the time goes,get clear in your habits, master your efficiency peak time.Time tracking will be not longer a burden, but an inviting enjoyment.

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